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How do we work?

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Decentralized model

While we do have headquarters in both Prague and Manila, all employees have the flexibility to choose where and how they want to work. All of our collaboration and communication tools are 100% online, so as long as you have a good computer and stable connection, you’re good to go!

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Agile and diverse

We advocate Agile development processes, with daily standups, group planning, and demos - clear communication and careful coordination are paramount. We collaborate with people and clients from around the world in different time zones, each having different cultures, skills, and expertise.

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Co-working and team-building

Working apart from each other physically does not mean we don’t get together once in a while. We make it a point to organise regular co-working and team-building activities to not just put actual faces to names on screens, but also keep things light and fun for everyone (we are a geeky bunch).

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Client focus

Our team’s commitment is laser-focused onto our customers; we put a premium on providing positive experiences throughout our working relationship. We build platforms and products that encourage feedback and can be adjusted quickly according to changing business needs and industry trends.

Perks & Benefits of Working at Our Company

Dive into a work culture that's as flexible as it is fun! We're not just about coding and algorithms; we're about empowering our team with perks that make every day at work feel less like 'work' and more like a step towards your personal and professional goals.

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100% Remote

Say goodbye to traffic jams and hello to productivity! But there's more - once a month, we switch things up! One month, join us for a chill, non-work activity to bond and unwind with us. The next month, come together in a shared space to collaborate and spark creativity in our co-working meetup. It's a perfect balance of independence and community, keeping things fresh and connected.

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Virtually Unlimited Leaves

Need a break? Take it! Our leave policy is cool like that. National holidays can be swapped within the same month – because who says you can only relax on a calendar's command? Stick to the standard leave counts, and beyond that, it's unlimited unpaid leave. Your time, your rules!

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Semi-Flexible Hours

Flexibility with a hint of structure – that's how we roll. Work anytime, but let's sync up for at least 4 hours with your team. It's about finding that sweet spot where your productive hours meet collaboration. It's teamwork with a personal touch!

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Health Card

Your health is on us. Our comprehensive HMO plan ensures you're covered, whether it's a sneeze or something more serious. We've got your back (and your health) so that you can focus on what you do best without sweating the medical stuff.

Who are we looking for?

You are comfortable planning and working closely with the product manager and other stakeholders in directing projects.
You’ve got a good sense for how to figure out what’s hard and easy, and can communicate that to others.
Experience and patience mentoring others.
You are self-motivated and work well when empowered to make decisions about what needs to be done, as well as when and how to do it.
Must be able and willing to travel within Europe and Asia.
Employment type: Full-time employment or contractual basis
Language: English proficiency is mandatory, as our working language both internally and with our clients. Czech/Slovak and other European languages are a plus.

What our great team members say

Nataly, 33

"I started with Dynameyes recently, but got involved in many different projects quickly. It's a dynamic company that allows you to learn, improve, and improvise on a daily basis. No boredom or routine here!"

Kim, 26

"A friendly work environment with great work-life balance (despite the home work setup). Over the past 3 years, Dynameyes has helped me grow personally and professionally."

Brylle, 26

"An open environment where you can challenge yourself and grow. For the past 2 years I worked here, I was challenged to learn new tech and reach out of my comfort zone."

Tonyo, 25

"Dynameyes has been very close to my heart, as where I've met amazing people who've helped me learn new things, develop my skills, and grow as a person."

Jayson, 29

"A dynamic workplace where you have nowhere to go but to UP! Since joining, I've been able to develop my creativity and learn how to get things done excellently."

Mae, 25

"A progressive and casual work environment, where you can explore and learn new technologies. Having flexible hours also allows me to work whenever I'm most comfortable."